Neil Gussman, Pennsylvania State University graduate, served with the Pennsylvania National Guard in Iraq--at age 56. He returned safely to Lancaster after a 10-month tour of duty.

Home from Iraq

            I returned from deployment to Iraq in January of 2010.  Still in National Guard till they throw me out for being too old!

            SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2011

Back to Arguing Politics

            After formation this morning one of pilots who is also a big TEA Party supporter came at me smiling with winner’s glee talking about the Occupy movement.

            “The TEA Party cleaned up after themselves and supported local businesses, your guys in the Occupy Oakland movement looted local business,” he said.

            And it went on from there.  I mentioned that this week I gave the Conservative Commentariat its monthly listen.  I chose Rush Limbaugh.  On Thursday as I was driving back from New York, I heard Rush say that Herman Cain’s current troubles are “a Democrat program at the highest level (the White House) to discredit Republican candidates.”  Michael Savage says George Soros funded the attack.

            Another ardent Republican here who is pissed off about the attacks on Herman Cain did concede that running for President is the ultimate colonoscopy and if Cain was not prepared for every fact and opinion to come out, he was crazy.

            It is fun to have these discussions with people of vastly different opinions who are not shy about expressing them.

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