Coming through Penn Station New York City on the eve of the 9/11 memorials I got tapped for a luggage check at the subway entrance. A German Shepard police dog seemed keenly interested in my side-bag. Oh I forgot—my Philadelphia mom had cooked a ring of kielbasa and packed it in my bag just in case I got hungry on the 90 minute train ride back to the big city.

            So that means the dog is a Polish Shepard?

            NOTE: Tenth anniversary of 9/11/01 attacks: I’m OK with not having my name etched on some memorial wall someplace. If you watched the Saturday 9/10 broadcast of the Flight 93 National Memorial ceremony from Shanksville, Pennsylvania this is the lapel pin worn by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and others, available from Steven Singer Jewelers, Philadelphia: 

            Check out the link at
http://www.military.com/news/article/fallen-seals-dog-stays-by-casket.html?ESRC=dod.nl#.Tlqbh5w5dGE.yahoomail  for a heart-rending story. 

            On August 19 Navy SEALS and the family of a fallen brother offered prayers.  The fallen SEAL’s devoted dog stayed next to the casket the entire service.  A friend is now caring for the pet.

            The New York Times Magazine ran a story on August 10th featuring “Photographs by Charlotte Dumas of privately owned dogs who were mobilized, with their owners, to search for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. They are now retired.”  They are in a slide show which can be accessed at this link:

            The photographs in the slide show are from the forthcoming book “Retrieved,” to be published in September. The text in the book is by Sarah H. Smith